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Clarifying Acne Facial  (60 mins)

60 min: $119.99 (Regular: $266.99)

This facial will help balance overactive sebum glands, reduce active inflammation and infuse hydration. It includes deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, extractions, and healing mask with Dr. Obagi medical products.

Express Facial (30 mins)

30 min: $69 (Regular: 149.99)

In a hurry? This facial includes deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation and medical grade mask and products.

Customized Facial  (90 mins)

90 min: $159 (Regular: $339.99)

Not sure what you need? The Customized facial allows for matching your skin with medical grade products, techniques and technology to fit your individual skincare concerns.

Dermaplane Facial (60mins)

60 min: $189 (Regular: $389.99)

Surgical grade blade removes the dead skins of face and restores the smooth and youthful skin underneath.

Gentleman Facial (75 mins)

75 min: $129 (Regular: 289.99)

This facial starts with deep cleanses. It focuses on deep purifying and hydrating the skin while alleviating stress and tension with a scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms and hand massage. A quick trim of unwanted hairs (eyebrows, nose and ears) will leave every mate looking sharp.

Signature Facial (60 mins)

60 min: $119 (Regular: $256.99)

The treatment includes full face, neck and décolleté. You will feel pampered and refreshed with traditional European facial.

Red Carpet Ready Facial (90 mins)

90 min: $229 (Regular: $509.99)

This facial is the best seller. Enjoy traditional European facial with latest and greatest include customized no peel chemical exfoliation, dermaplane, and customized hydration treatment while using only the best of  Skinceutical products.

Waxing or threading eye


CBD oil



$9.99 / unit

Juvederm  ultra XC Plus

$550 / syringe

IM Skinny Shot


Waxing  or threading lip


Hand and Feet enriched firming mask


Juvederm ultra XC

$525 / syringe

IV wellness


BOTOX/Filler Aqua Gold Facial


Do you want something better than Microneedling? 24 K gold plated Aquagold is filled with Botox and Filler for dramatic immediate changes of  facial textures.

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