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Cascade Spa is a Luxurious Gem in Hillcrest, that defines a hideaway oasis. We’ve been in Hillcrest since 2013. Our goal here has always been to bring calm where there is chaos, to bring peace where there is pain, to soothe where there is tension and to heal the world. With over 7,000 Sq ft and variety of amenities in the spa, we are going to bring you endless healing for your body & soul.

We invite you to indulge in the ultimate upscale oasis in beautiful Hillcrest. Breathe in the tranquil aromas the moment you walk into this luxurious spa and secret hide-away.

As soon as you walk into our resort, you'll be swept away by our serene meditative settings. Your journey toward total relaxation will not only be visual, but a journey towards relaxation through the healing touch of our professionals.

Additional Amenities


Eucalyptus + Jasmine/

Lavender + Eucalyptus

Steam Sauna

With the purest and the consistent oil spray. Our sauna is going to offer consistent aroma profiles which guarantees a consistent experience every time you enjoy it as a part of your stay!

Himalayan salt sauna

Himalayan salt sauna can help stimulate the respiratory system to reduce inflammation, seasonal allergies. The warmth of a sauna opens the pores of the skin, give your body a refreshment. Himalayan salt sauna is also known for being highly relaxing and stress-reducing.



Jacuzzi is known for muscle relaxation and joint pain relief. It helps balance your nervous system and to keep it in balance. Soak your body in hot water also relieves muscle tension and reduces cardiovascular stress. Warm water also improve Blood Circulation

Body Scrub & Vichy shower

Body scrub removes dead skin cells with a smoothing and relaxing body polish. It is a gentle moisturizing scrub treatment for the body. 

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